Congress on Solidarity Economy

„You are a very driving person. You are very hard working people, it was a very good experience for me, I´m proud of you!“ Asmelash from Etiopia says to me at  the end of a one week lasting Congress on Solidarity Economy in Europe and everywhere in the world. About 1400 people were joining a conference about the new cooperative economy, told eachother how people are helping themselves in times of financial crisises. They told eachother how the have founded cooperatives to drive their factories by themselves and how they created new collectivelly working farmes at the countryside as for example by Community Supported Agriculture. In a so called Week of Changes the cooperatives of Berlin and Brandenburg were shown to interested persons, for example some of the Community Gardens of Berlin as the Allmende-Kontor on the former Airport Tempelhof.BienenwerderEMRApfelTraumEMRAllmende-KontorWandelwocheBunteBeeteEMR The result: It is hard work, this new kind of economy but it is also fun to work together. A good kind of life. May be even the good living? Conviviality.